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Basic lessons

one hour in duration. These can be increased to one & a half or two hours to suit individual requirements.

One Hour Lesson  £25.90
2 hour assessment Lesson  £48.00
  Students - Before 5.00pm   £24.50
Motorway Lessons (2 hour course)  £58.00
Driver Refresher lessons phr  £26.50
DVLA Driving Test Appointment  £62.50


For new beginers or those who know what they want then select one of the packages below.

Starter Pack FIVE lessons  £70.00
Experienced Driver package£375.00
PrePay TEN lessons£235.00
PrePay FIFTEEN lessons£352.00
PrePay TWENTY FIVE lessons£480.00
Pass Plus Course (All Six Parts)      £160.00

Intensive Courses

Our intensive couses are a ideal way for individuals in a hurry to gain the necessary skills fast. Lessons taken after 5pm and weekend are £1 more on all prices shown

Part trained pupil - Standard
26 hours over 1 week *
4 hours a day over 6 days
between 8am & 5pm                       £675.00
Part trained pupil - Overdrive
32 hours over 1 week *
6 hours a day over 5 days
between 8am & 5pm   £770.00
Untrained Pupil - Standard
44 hours over 1 week *
7 hours a day over 6 days
between 8am & 5pm      £995.00
Untrained Pupil - Overdrive
62 hours over 2 weeks *
6 hours a day over 10 days
     (Monday to Friday)
between 8am & 5pm   £1225.00

* Course

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